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Gdansk: Central Maritime Museum

Opening Hours: Tues - Fri 0930 - 1600; Sat and Sun 1000-1600

Housed in several historic buildings (three granaries and the Great Crane Gate) on Danzig's waterfront, the museum tells the story of Poland and the sea. A busy underwater archaeological unit has produced many objects for display including bronze cannons and cannonballs from the Solen, a Swedish vessel sunk in the battle of Oliwa in 1627. There is a permanent exhibition devoted to author Joseph Conrad (Korzeniowski).

Also forming part of the museum's exhibits are the ships Soldek and the 'white frigate', the Dar Pomorza built in 1909.

Current Exhibitions

Poland and the Baltic Sea: Permanent Exhibition
Gdansk Maritime Museum
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Gdansk Maritime Museum Ship's banner, 17th cent, with Danzig coat of arms

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