TAMH: Tayside A Maritime History
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TAMH: Tayside A Maritime History
Tayside on the east coast of Scotland, has, over the centuries, traded with many countries around the world. The TAMH site has trading port information, historical background on people, places and events from Tayside's history, an image archive and online tours.
  The picture: Alexander Stephen

What flax left behind
The flax trade and the huge linen industry it created in Dundee, and the jute manufacture which followed, are long gone but they left a significant architectural legacy.
  Dens Mill
  Baxter Park
  Caird Hall
  Camperdown Works

Stockholm was an important trading port for the Tayside towns from at least the early 17th century onwards when there were significant imports of Swedish iron. Sweden was also a popular destination as a place to live for many local boys away from political persecution. They played important roles in the commerce of Stockholm and Gothenburg and left their mark also in the Swedish army and navy.
  A typical 17th century cargo
  Oliwa: Dundee and the Swedish Navy
  Tayside influence in the 19th century

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08 August 2004

Many worldwide trading fleets were built up from Dundee. Here are the stories of a few of them.
  George Armitstead
  Sir Charles Barrie
  P M Duncan: the Gem Line
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