TAMH: Places to Visit

Arbroath Signal Tower Museum

Situated in the old Arbroath Signal Tower, built in 1813 as the lighthouse keepers' house, before the Bell Rock lighthouse was automated, the museum contains much local material. Tableaux and permanent exhibitions explain much about the history of the local fishing industry, its customs, costumes and characters, and about the lighthouse. The civic history of the town and its industries is also well covered.

Dundee: HMS Unicorn

This is the oldest British-built warship still afloat. Her keel was laid in Chatham in February 1822 and she was launched in March 1824. This 46 gun Leda class frigate is an interesting day out and a valuable study in restoration techniques. Much of the original fabric remains, including the most unusual roof fitted when she went into reserve. She was towed to Dundee in 1873 and served as the drill ship for the RNR. Surviving several planned scappings she was taken over by the Unicorn Preservation Society in 1968.

Dundee: McManus Galleries

Tayside’s largest regional museum and art gallery though certainly not its most active or innovative in terms of publicity or technology. Amongst its collection of maritime artefacts is a Portuguese astrolable, ca.1550, brought back to Dundee by the merchant Andrew Smeaton. This may be the earliest known example of an astrolabe. The images are of stained glass windows from the incorporated trades of Dundee. These are the ones with maritime connections and commemorate the presidents of the guilds in 1865 and 1866.

Gdansk: Central Maritime Museum

Housed in several historic buildings (three granaries and the Great Crane Gate) on Danzig's waterfront, the museum tells the story of Poland and the sea. A busy underwater archaeological unit has produced many objects for display including bronze cannons and cannonballs from the Solen, a Swedish vessel sunk in the battle of Oliwa in 1627. There is a permanent exhibition devoted to author Joseph Conrad (Korzeniowski).

Also forming part of the museum's exhibits are the ships Soldek and the 'white frigate', the Dar Pomorza built in 1909.

Montrose Museum

Montrose Museum was one of the first purpose-built museums in Scotland. The local history and antiquarian society realised in 1841 that its collection was too large for the temporary accommodation afforded by one of the town's schools and started a fund for a new museum. This attractive neo-classical building opened the following year. The Maritime Gallery has a superb fleet of model shipping, and scrimshaws, flensing tools, harpoons and other relics of the once thriving East coast whaling industry. Other local topics covered include the Pictish legacy of stones, Montrose silver and Dryleys' pottery. There is, of course, also material relating to the Marquis of Montrose and the town during the Jacobite risings.

Montrose Parish Church

St Vigeans Church