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Jute: Camperdown Works

1995 photographs of the High or Sliver Mill at the former Camperdown Works of Cox Brothers and the Stack. The mill ceased production in 1981 and is now part of a leisure, shopping and accommodation complex.

The scale of Cox's Stack, at 280' high, is matched by the High Mill. The building is over 500 feet in length and is, in itself, 70' high. The eastern end has a 100' tower with campanile and cast-iron clocktower. Camperdown Works spread over 35 acres and, at its height, employed over 5000 workers. It was the only jute works in Dundee to merit its own railway siding.

The first member of the Cock family came to Lochee around 1700 and, by 1777, David Cock controlled 288 handlooms. In 1851 the firm became Cox Brothers and pioneered jute manufacture with the building of Camperdown Works.


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