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Letters from David Kidd in India and China to his sister in Dundee, 1818/1819 - 1| 2

Captain Kidd to his sister, Margaret 1819

Herewith I sit myself down once more to have the pleasure of writing you a few lines. At the same time, I am happy to inform you that I am quite in good health and stouter than ever I have been in India before and hope you are all enjoying the same at home in Dundee. The name of that place makes me give many sighs that I cannot get an opportunity of coming home to see you all but I shall live in hope of that period arriving soon. It is now nearly 13 long years since I left my native place and all my dear beloved friends and a number of them I see no more.... the advice of our worthy friend, Thomas Kidd, I think is the best you can follow and his kindness I shall never forget and hope some day it will be in my power to repay it.

I arrived from China December last and do not expect to sail from here until May which will be to China again. The ship I now command is called the Juliana and I am one fourth owner of her and (W. Brightman and M. Brightman and Joseph Bassette Thomson) the other shares. If fortunate I may soon be able to come home and see you all comfortable but times are very bad for ships at present.

You write me that you have lost the miniature I sent you home - never mind that - don't let that trouble your mind in the least. I shall send you another this year from China. I only hope it was a young lady that ran away with it but I suppose they would scarcely look at an old Indian like me now. However, I intend to wait until I am home and try my luck among the lassies of Dundee.

However, we must drop this for the present. I wrote Thomas Kidd at the same time giving him the particulars of his poor brother's death (John Kidd); and should you call on John Whyte's friends, tell them you have heard of him being quite well - my kind compliments to Thomas Kidd and his wife and family. I hope our Uncle George Matthew and Aunt are quite well - my compliments to them and my best thanks for their kindness to you all at home and all my other friends and relations that show kindness to you. My compliments to David Pattullo of Baldragon and Uncle William ....

Have nothing particular to report to you from here. Hope my brother William is getting on better with the weaving business and able to earn a livelyhood - my best compliments to him. I would have wrote him but consider this letter for you all together which saves postage. My kind compliments to Isabella and hope she is enjoying good health as T.K. writes me she has been complaining. About her coming I think it is just as well to let it alone until I may perhaps have an opportunity of coming home myself which would be one of the happiest days of my life to be amongst you all once more. You say you have let half the house which must leave you very little room. However, herewith, I endorse you a Bill of Exchange which I hope will get you through some of your difficulties. It is to be considered the property of yourself, Isabella and William, although the Bill is in your name, as you are all living together. And I am only sorry that I could not have sent more.

And now, my dear sister, I must bid you adieu for the present, wishing you all every health and happiness of this world that you can enjoy is the sincere wish of your affectionate brother,

David Kidd