TAMH: Source Material
Letter from Danzig: 1678

From Theodor Fischer, The Scots in East and West Prussia, 1585-1713, Otto Schulze, Ednburgh, 1903 Letter from Francis Craw of Danzig though, at the time of writing in Memel (Klaipeda), back home to his brother.

Loving Dear Brother

I received a letter from you the bypast year which was written 22nd August 76. I wrott to you several times the last yeare bot as yet I have not gotten a line from you, which grieves me not a little. I have gotten three letters from my brother David, one the last yeare in which he showed me he was in good health bat there was a great pest thereabouts in the countrey. I have written to him severall times, he would gladly hear from you. I hope you doe write to me and also to him with every occasion, although they seldom come to our hands.

My brother David is not with Mr Inglis in Warso as he informed me, bat with a Nicolay Gordon, dwelling in Vingroba not far from Warso of which I informed you last yeare. So if you doe write to him, direct it to him serving to the aforesaid man. He is bound to serve him six yeares. I am sorry that he is at such a distance from me and also that ever he should have come over to these countreyes, for he could have learned any honest trade perfectly in six yeares time, which had been far better than to serve here five or six years in which time they get little knowledge of merchandizing. Prentises for the most part in all these countreyes are honestly entertained in meat and cloaths bot when their times run out they must serve for a very little fie with which they can scarcely uphold themselves in decent cloths and other necessaries.

I have the by bypast week ingagded with my maister, again to serve him till this time 12 months for the value of 100 pound Scotch. I would have gladly visited you, my dear mother and all other good friends this year, bot seeing I have ingagded for another year I hope God willing to visit you next year, for ought I know if I remain in life and health; dear brother, let me know of your condition and if my dear mother be in life and health with my loving sisters and how all other good friends are, the certaintie of which would be exceeding comfortable and refreshing to me to know. I have as yet heard nothing of my dear comrade Alex Home which grieves me exceedingly. I have got no letter from my tinkle bot that which I got with yours four yeares ago as he was in Scotland. I have got no letter from you that was dated the last or this year. Let me know with the first occasion how the amber beads are bought in Scotland whither they be bought by the pound weight or by string wayes and whither great or small be in greatest esteem, and whither yellow or reddish be bought.

If you find no acquaintance to write to me this year, I entreat you forget not to write to me the next spring when you write home. I entreat you to try and if you can find a sure occasion to send your letter to the town of Johnstone [Perth] to one James Barclay whose son lives a long time in Queensbridge and with whom I was acquainted, or you can send your letter to the town of Dundee to one John Fairweather, a skipper, who comes every year to Queensbridge. He is for the present here and has brought letters to all the Scotsmen hereabouts who are for the most part from there or thereabout. I send this to you with him, inclosed in my comrades letter, one Robt Rollo who serves here in this town, who writes to the aforesaid Barclay desiring him to send the same to you which I hope he will doe if it come safely to his hand.

I entreat you again to send your letter for me to him who would assuredly send them to me with the Dundee ships, for they are the first Scotch ships that comes every year to this countrey. Let me know if you have heard of my brother William since he past for Holland and if he be alive and in what town of Holland he is in. Here comes several Holland ships to this town every year so I could have written to him, if I knew where he was. Let me know what my cousin Lauder trades with. Show me also if you or [unclear] knows where Alex Home may be, and also how it is with all our good friends, the presbyterians, for I have heard they have been exceedingly persecuted.

Now I wish the good God to bless you, my dear mother and sisters with all spirituall and temporall blessings. Thus recommending my love and affection to you, my dear and loving mother and sisters and all other good friends. Longing exceedingly to hear of all your welfare.

I rest your loving brother

Francis Craw