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Vessel: Mary Galland

VesselMary Galland
 Arrived Dundee from Danzig
CargoWood (lasts); Barrels
MerchantsDavid Jak, James Auchinlek, Robert Smith, James Milne, George Duncan, Niniane Rodger, William Peit, George Williamsone, Walter Ferrie, William Ritchie, David Rattray, Thomas Henry. Andrew Arnald (Perth), John Pullar (Perth), William Andersone (Perth), Oliver Penny (Perth), William Brown (Perth), Alexander Steen (Elgin),
Voyage Date17-07-1583
Source Referencetrans dsl p208
Commentsa last = 12 barrels - Perth was called St Johnstone
Voyage ID1605

Septimo Julij 1583 8n pntia balliv. et decani gilde. Comperit wiliame rychie & Interit ye schyp callit y Mary gallnd cum from danskene cotenand nyn last thrie ble ptenand to David Jak iij last to Jas auchinlek xxv to rot Smyth j last to Jas myln 2 ble to George Duncan xij ble to Niniane roger half a last to wm peit four ble to george wmsone thrie ble to walt. ferrie thrie ble to wm richie twa ble to david rattray thrie ble to thomas henry. To sanct Jhoniston [Perth] androw arnald xiiij last Jon pullor four last 3 ble wm andersone four last wm broun twa last and half olyver peney iij last alexr steen of elgin a qrter of a last qlk ye den of gild hes receivit ye pticklar compt.


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