Joseph Beuys: Jimmy Boyle Days, Edinburgh 1980

An exhibition of 22 previously unseen black and white photographs by Richard Demarco documenting Beuys' action Jimmy Boyle Days and the making of the 'Jimmy Boyle Days' Blackboards now in the collection of the Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach. This exhibition from the Richard Demarco Archives is curated by the Demarco European Art Foundation researcher and archivist Steve Robb. Photographs and related documentation highlight the dialogue initiated by Richard Demarco between Beuys and Jimmy Boyle, then serving a sentence of life imprisonment in Barlinnie Prison. In 1980 Richard Demarco invited Joseph Beuys to define the spirit of German art in the Eighties and he chose to do so through his concept of the Free International University. The exhibition was presented as part of the Demarco Gallery's 1980 Edinburgh Arts. Beuys went on hunger strike because of Jimmy Boyle's removal from the Special Unit, Barlinnie to Edinburgh's Saughton Prison where he was no longer able to continue his art.


joseph beuys exhibition

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