Joseph Beuys in Scotland, 1970

More than 200 photographic images and video, with commentary by Richard Demarco in an interactive CD-ROM display - a digital exhibition documenting Beuys' first visit to Scotland and its Celtic world in May 1970, when Richard Demarco led him to the Moor of Rannoch and Argyll. Beuys returned to Scotland in August 1970 to install The Pack at Edinburgh College of Art, together with photographic documentation of his performance actions in a work later titled Arena. These works were Beuys' contribution to the Strategy: Get Arts exhibition of contemporary German art presented by the Demarco Gallery in collaboration with the Düsseldorf Kunsthalle. From 26-30 August 1970 Beuys performed Celtic (Kinloch Rannoch) The Scottish Symphony with Henning Christiansen and Rory McEwen.


joseph beuys exhibition

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