Joseph Beuys: Manresa

In 1966 Beuys presented the 'action' Manresa, together with the Danish artists Henning Christiansen and Björn Nörgard. It took place at the Schmela Gallery in Düsseldorf. In this action Beuys combined his attitude towards art with his theory of sculpture and the experience om personally overcoming crises. Hereby he made explicit reference to the early modern thought of the Basque cleric Ignatius of Loyola. He studied two of his texts, 'The Spiritual Exercises' and 'The Autobiography'. From the latter work the action took its title - the name of the Catalonian city in which Ignatius had become a 'completely new man' - Manresa.

The exhibition at the Demarco European Art Foundation presents scenes of the action and action tools through the photographs of Eva Beuys, Manfred Leve, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Günter Schott and Walter Vogel. It is an exhibition in collaboration with the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Cologne and Fr. Friedhelm Mannekes SJ.


joseph beuys exhibition

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1996
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